About Me

My name is Emily and I live in Dorset, England. I was born on the 16th of September 1998 so you can figure out how old I am. I enjoy writing, reading, photography, listening to music and updating my Tumblr. I am also passionate about mental health and a lot of posts are focused around them; however I do like to blog about other things such as Lush and make up products or books that I am reading. This blog is a mix of all the things that are important to me at the time.

A World of Ramblings started in late 2014 after I finally decided to stick writing one blog (I have about seven unused ones!). I try to blog as often as I can; however life as a teenager can be very up and down and almost impossible to keep to a schedule. 

I update my blog on Tumblr more than this one (for obvious reasons) and I enjoy talking to readers of my blog on there. I also love to listen to suggestions about what people would like to read so feel free to contact me HERE and send me asks.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing and running it. 

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