Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Music Monthly

This Music Monthly is a little bit different as it has a bit of a theme. The majority of the songs that I am going to comment on I have found on this brilliant website that I have discovered. It is called Gnoosic and it helps you find out new artists based on the one you love. You just choose three bands or artists that you love and it will give you suggestions. It is a brilliant website and you have to check it out.

Artist One: Wildcat! Wildcat!

Not linked to HSM (sadly), instead they are a really good, quite small band. The band consists of three men: Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson, and Jesse Carmichae and the genre is American Synthpop - I have no idea what that is but it sounds great so...  I love five songs that I love but I ensure that this number will probably have increased by next week. My favourite ones are:

Artist Two: Glass Animals 

This isn't actually my favourite band; however they do have one song that I have on repeat. It is called 'Hazey' and it is a little different and is one of those songs that you don't really understand what is being said; however it is one that you will probably be caught humming every now and then. I will probably warm to them - it just isn't music that I normally listen to. Both of these bands are relatively new - both being formed in 2012. Glass Animals are an English indie-rock band from Oxford and have released one album. This isn't exactly an undiscovered band with this song having over two million views on YouTube but it definitely deserves all of them. I expect to hear more about/from them son!

Artist Three: Milky Chance

I haven't had much of an opportunity to explore this band but their song Flashed Junk Mind is as brilliant as the name is weird! This is a popular song as well (7 million views) and it is brilliant - just listen to it. Parts of it I have no idea what is going on but then some songs work better that way! It is a song that is perfect for summer and I can imagine listening to it going to the beach or something!

Artist Four: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

I have loved his song 'Pictures' for a while but only recently did I decide to listen to his other songs. His album 'Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm' is a great album but one song that sticks out is 'Box of Stones'. It is such a good song to listen to in the summer - my only issue with them is that they are too short - they're so good but any song under three minutes is just a little too short for me. Ah well, I just put them on repeat! 
My three favourite songs of his are:

Friday, 10 April 2015


I love yoga. Love it. There are a few issues though - 1. I am not flexible what-so-ever and 2. I am rubbish. I never knew where to start so I never really did but now as exams draw close and summer is just around the corner I thought that it was the perfect time to start.

How do you start?

Well there are a number of clubs near by me. There's several in my local sports center, one in the parish hall near me; however none of these felt like the right places for me (mainly because you had to pay!). 

There are thousands (maybe more) of websites dedicated to yoga - so many that when I was scrolling through them I began attempting things that were ridiculously difficult for someone with a skill level of 0. I even struggled on the 'beginners' ones because they often only had a photo and no description on how to get to the pose in the first place. Queue several minutes of me falling over and cursing. In the end I found a brilliant website (link) and decided to make my own routine that is completely do-able for all of us complete beginners. Not just then I put it into a routine so it sort of flows better than the order this site.

My routine 

Start with the Mountain Pose. If you are feeling keen you could do this on tiptoes instead of on flats. Breathe deeply in and out at least 10 times and then bring your hands back down to your side.

Next go into Tree Pose . This one I am rubbish at so I only can hold it for 8 deep breaths on each leg but feel free to extend this if you are good at finding your center of gravity.

Then pull your arms up into the Warrior Pose. Do it on one side and breathe deeply in and out for 20 breaths before going into The Triangle Pose. This switch is fairly simple. Just put your arm into the leading leg and go into the pose. Hold this for 20 deep breaths. Then get back into Warrior Pose but switch your leading legs - then repeat the above steps. 

Afterwards it is time for the Downward Dog. Everyone knows this one. It is classic yoga - and fun. Hold it for 10 deep breaths, in and out. 

Once you have done this go into the Cobra Pose. This is one of those ones that just feels nice - you know, as if you are doing your good things for your body. Hold this for 20 breaths in and out. 

Then follow the Cobra by going into Child's Pose. Hold for 20 breaths in and out.

Once you after done this go into the Pigeon Pose. This is kinda hard and I think it may take a while to be able to do it properly if you aren't that flexible. Hold this for 10 breaths in and out and then switch legs. 

Next go into the Seated Twist. If the other positions hadn't got all those cracks out of your back this one sure will. Do it for 10 deep breaths and then switch legs. 

Afterwards go into The Bridge which isn't as hard as it sounds - it's not quite the ones that we did in primary school! Hold this for 20 deep breaths in and out; however if it begins to hurt your back cut it short.

Go back into the Downward Dog and hold for 10 seconds. Finish by standing in Mountain Pose doing 20 deep breaths in and out. Now you have finished your little yogo-out. I hope you enjoyed it! (Also if you hadn't realised - I have linked all the poses, just click on the name of the one you want to see in more detail!)